Pulmonary function

The functioning of the lungs can be evaluated in different ways. The choice for a test depends on the symptoms you have and the possible cause. The tests are not harmful and are minimally burdensome.


You can eat and drink before the test. It is important to start the exam calm and relaxing. Make sure you are present a quarter of an hour before the test.

Suspend medication

For the success of the test you doctor or technician will instruct you in advance which medication you should discontinue.

If there are negative effects when discontinuing the medication then please take your medication as prescribed and tell the technician before starting the test that you did so.

Normally you will be instructed to stop in any case 24 hours before the test: • Foster® Foradil® • • • Serevent® Oxis • • Theolair® Spiriva and combination inhalers such as Seretide® and Symbicort®

Stop taking for 12 hours before the test: Atrovent® • Berodual® • Berotec® • Bricanyl® • Combivent® • Salbutamol Ventolin

The Exam

For each lung function test, you will be instructed to breathe through a mouthpiece that is attached to the lung function device. Your nose is kept closed with a clip preventing you from breathing through your nose. An examination takes average 30 minutes to an hour. You may be subjected to one or more of the following tests


This study measures the amount of air being breathed in and out in a peaceful and forced manner. For this you have to inhale and exhale several times as instructed.